Lyrics and Tablature

    • Digital Traditions: by Erich Rickheit mirrors the Mudcat Digital Traditions Database in a format that is easier to search. Incredible compendium of song lyrics with tunes if he has them.
    • Scroll down a bit on this Mudcat Page to see Joe’s list of other digital databases for Folk Music.

This is not a complete list. Please leave a note in the comments section of other resources you find and we will update the list. Thank you!

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  1. Goldie Caughlan

    I just noticed that when I filled this in about 20 minutes ago, I had a typo — in my gmail address! Sorry ’bout that — here is the corrected version above. Obviously, since this is my first introduction to this marvelous event (!) I am not sure what the registration involves — but since I blew it first time, and since I have not as yet completed registration process and payment — I wanted to be sure you (someone!) sees this corrected version — so I/we can wrap this up and I’ll then just daydream for the next month and more waiting for Raining Camp!

    Thanks! Goldie Caughlan

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