2017 workshops

RainyCamp Workshops As of  1/6/2017

Workshop Leader Title Subject Format Length
John Alberti Songs of the Sea Songs of the Sea   1h
Bruce Baker   Songs of Spirit and remembrance Song Circle 1.5h
Bruce Baker   Stan Rogers Song Circle 1h
Janine Barber Singing w/ Fiddlers Fiddler Tunes lecture/demo 1h
Flip Breskin Ergonomics For Musicians Avoiding Injury Lecture/Demonstration 1.5h
mary garvey River rafting songs River rafting songs Song circle with song sheets provided, some instruction 1.5h
David Ingerson The Singer’s Toolbox vocal tools for the singer lecture-demo 1h
Meryle A. Korn Intro to Yodeling Intro to Yodeling Class 1h
Rob Lopresti Science and Technology Songs Science and Technology   2h
Laura Martin   organic google   1.5h
Laura Martin songs in other languages songs in non english languages   1.5h
Fred Maslan Songs Pertaining to the Weather weather circle 1h
Fred Maslan Toot Your Own Horn songwriter circle circle 1h
Mary Penttinen-King   Show Tunes   1.5h
Micki Perry Songs you sang at cap or around the campfire Camp Songs   1.5h
Rita Smith Strong Women! Strong Women!   1h
Rita Smith Rounds and Rounds Rounds   1h
Rita Smith Good Night Lullabyes   1h
Miyuki Tanemura songs for women and about women Women   1.5h
Miyuki Tanemura chants from women’s spiritual movement women’s spirituality   1.5h
Alice Winship   Coming to the Northwest   1h