Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center

in Ravensdale, Washington

We are so very excited to have a new home for RainyCamp! This will be our first year at Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center.

With the majesty of the Cascades as a backdrop, Lake Retreat is truly a place where you can gaze at the lake and shed some of the cares of the world. What a wonderful place to spend a weekend singing.

Below are some photos and a map of the layout of Lake Retreat Conference Center. We will be using Lundgren Lodge, Hilltop Cabins, Lakeside Cabins, and the Chapel and Fireside Room (which is below the dining hall).

This collection of buildings is much closer together than how spread out we were at the old camp in Carnation. Plus the paths are all paved and well lit, there is no mud, no mold, and it is pretty much fully accessible.

We will be using Lundgren Lodge, Hilltop Cabins, Lakeside Cabins, and the Chapel and Fireside Room.

We will be using Lundgren Lodge, Hilltop Cabins, Lakeside Cabins, and the Chapel and Fireside Room.

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Lake Retreat Center is nestled in among the tall firs on the edge of the lake.


You can’t see them here, but there be mountains in the distance! Of course, this is likely the view we will see in late January unless the weather Gods smile on us.

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No more mud! Walks between buildings are paved or gravel.


The retreat center is ADA accessible.


The meeting / workshop rooms at Lake Retreat are a delight.

Most of them have a pianos which will be tuned right before RainyCamp. All of them have ample electrical outlets. And they are all large enough to allow for various types of seating configurations.

Three of the workshop rooms have audio visual equipment. This will be the first year that we can accommodate digital presentations as part of workshops.

The Chapel has unbelievably stellar acoustics! It also has a stage, complete with stage lighting which will be phenomenal for the Saturday Night Concert.

The Fireside Café is another very special room complete with an espresso bar – which will be open both Friday and Saturday afternoons. The Fireside Café will also be used for workshops and the late night sings.

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There are 5 workshop spaces plus a small room for recording, and a game room.


Most of the meeting rooms have a piano and an flat screen for projection.

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Lundgren Lodge has a wonderful meeting room with gorgeous views of the lake and the mountains beyond.

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View of the lake from Lundgren Lodge.





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Kaynor may be used for small workshops or it may be used as a recording studio during camp.


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The Fireside Cafe is one a wonderful intimate room. The late night sings will happen here and it will be used for workshops.

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Just when we need it on Friday and Saturday afternoon, the wooden door in the Fireside Cafe will slide open to reveal an espresso bar. The barista will be on hand to help the hearty sing late into the night.

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The chapel has phenomenal acoustics and well be arranged in a circle for the Friday Evening Song Circle. Then on Saturday it will be set up theater style for the evening concert.

We are very excited about the great sleeping accommodations at Lake Retreat. Such an improvement! We have ample beds reserved so that though the dorm rooms are shared sleeping spaces there is room to spread out. Not all beds will be filled.

For more information about the specific rooms and beds visit this About Sleep Quarters page.

Almost all the rooms have a combination of single mattress bunk beds (with ladders!) and double/queen beds. All rooms have outlets for CPAPs, charging devices, etc. We have beds for 160 people and anticipate capping registration at a bit over 100. So there is generous space available. There are rooms for snorers, men only and women only, and rooms with handicapped access.

Your registration confirmation email will provide you with instructions to reserve your bed and dorm room.

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The bunk beds mattresses are new, 5″ thick, and 3ft wide. They are very comfortable and welcoming to adult sized bodies.

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Top bunks have great head room even for the tallest singer! Solid ladders make it easy to climb into the top bunks.

Dorm rooms are filled with light during the day. This is another view of the ample headroom and ladders for the top bunks.

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The camp has double and queen sized beds for couples. They are in dorm rooms with other campers so couples will be sharing the space.

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There are a few special nooks with either double or queen beds.

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Most rooms have a private bathroom. There are also larger bathrooms in the buildings as well.

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Delicious meals are served buffet style and eaten family style.

The food is great at Lake Retreat! They have an excellent head chef and kitchen team.

The camp kicks off Friday evening with a 7pm dinner which can be boxed for late arrivals. Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be served as well as a snack Saturday evening at the concert. Sunday breakfast and lunch will be served.

All meals are served buffet style.

Lake Retreat is experienced in accommodating special dietary needs. The kitchen and dining hall are entirely peanut free. They can accommodate vegetarian, omnivore, dairy-free, and gluten free.

“Lake Retreat is a special place. I love the trees and the peaceful lake. The food is good too!”  – Michael

“Lake Retreat has great spaces to sing, relax, and enjoy the scenery! Especially loved singing in the chapel!” – Beth

“We love Lake Retreat!” – Dean & Kate

“Lake Retreat was a lovely place to hold our choral retreat. The acoustics in the chapel are amazing, the scenery superb, and the staff were gracious and helpful. Truly a delight.” – Sarah