Lyrics and Tablature

    • Digital Traditions: by Erich Rickheit mirrors the Mudcat Digital Traditions Database in a format that is easier to search. Incredible compendium of song lyrics with tunes if he has them.
    • Scroll down a bit on this Mudcat Page to see Joe’s list of other digital databases for Folk Music.


  • SongRamp – Songwriter’s Community
  • RhymeZone  – Help finding that Rhyme for a song
  • Crossword Solver – may assist finding words in songwriting too 
  • Professional Help for songwriters.  Nashville
  • MusiPedia – searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes.


  • Crowd Guitar – Online lessons
  • Chordify is a site to “Extract high quality chords from any song to practice and play.”

Get involved in music around Seattle

Northwest Folk Music Concert Calendar (Seattle and Eastside)

This is not a complete list. Please leave a note in the comments section of other resources you find and we will update the list. Thank you!

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