RainyCamp Testimonials

—   My first time at RainyCamp made me want to return next year! Why? It’s all about singing, not performing, and there’s certainly no problem getting people to sing along! Plenty of harmony, and plenty of choices about what workshops to go to. ~ Rick

—   If you like folk singing, this is the camp for you! ~ David

–  Rainy Camp is an experience unlike any other. Where else am I tempted to stay up to 3 in the morning crowded around in a small room singing my heart out with a bunch of folk song fanatics? Some of the moments of song were so beautiful and moving that my heart was full to bursting and all my normal concerns faded away. The camp radiated pure gratitude and joy for a weekend. I have been hearing about it for years, but was uncertain because I am not a strong singer. But now I will never miss it again, because Rainy Camp is amazing for anyone. Don’t miss Rainy Camp. Just don’t plan on sleeping too much. You can sleep anytime.  Maria

—   Rainy Camp is the best way to spend a winter weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by the beauty that all the rain brings to us, we’re tucked away in a warm cozy lodge with the fireplace setting off a lovely glow while we sing, play, or listen together. What could be better? A musical community made of new and old friends with new and old music being shared. ~ Laura

—   The best part for me was being in this wonderful group and knowing only one person when I arrived. Wow, a whole new circle of friends interested in music, both old and new. So many people playing guitars. Next year, we need more ukuleles and dulcimers! ~ Linda 

I’m Fai – this was my first Rainy Camp and I loved it – the setting was so beautiful, the people were so warm and friendly, the spirit of the event was so openhearted. It was so hard to choose between singing and taking a walk. You folks who worked so hard to make this happen – the deepest of gratitude to you.

—   I loved it ! First time for me and I felt immediately the closeness of the singing community. It was the first time ever that I have sung more than I talked ! Great ! I liked the sense of belonging there was — guess that is the result of the open-hearted folk that attend. ~ Cedar 

—   Anyone who enjoys singing along, or just listening to music, will love this singing retreat. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, so you will never feel out of place even if you come alone and don’t know anyone. There is no pressure to lead a song if you don’t want to, but everyone is very supportive if you give it a try. There is some great music too, because there are a lot of good singers that attend. You will hear many old favorites, and learn many new songs. ~ Alice

—   This newbie had a wonderful time! First of all, it’s terrific to spend a weekend with nothing to do but sing with other people, and maybe listen to them and learn a few new things. I was only slightly acquainted with a couple of people when I got there, but everyone was accepting and happy to be there—including me! ~ Susan

—   What a joy to get together on the middle of winter and sing our hearts out ! ~ Patty.

—   I love the semi-organized feel of RainyCamp —there’s enough structure that everything works well but plenty of room for creative additions, e.g. last minute workshop additions. Also love the feeling of respect and mutual support among campers. It feels like a real community, even if it only comes together once a year. ~ Jonathan

—   This was my first time attending Rainy Camp and I am so glad I finally got to come! I was surprised at how few of my performer friends attended but it was refreshing because it was a group of folks who just like to sing and were not so concerned about performing and impressing each other. Now that I am hooked I will be coming back yearly! ~ Micki

 —   We love RainyCamp!! The music, the singing, the sense of community!! I don’t know what we’d do without it ! RainyCamp lowers our stress, lowers our blood pressure, and gets us through the winter doldrums. We can’t thank you enough. Every year it’s like coming home to the family we wish we’d been born into. ~ Larry and Karen

—   I have enjoyed going to Rainy Camp for the last eleven years. There are now many people who I see once a year who I enjoy singing songs with. I like the big song circles and the concert and the workshops and the late night singing.  ~ Ben

 —   There are so many beautiful old and new (to me) songs, that I come home with and add to my repertoire. And I usually find someone with similar music tastes … who I can just find a quiet corner and sing songs back and forth with. ~ Cathy

—   I like finding a singalong song to sing at the concert … you always have a backup choir full of beautiful voices and beautiful harmonies. ~ Don

—   I have happily attended Rainy Camp for the last eleven years.  I enjoy leaving normal life behind, and simply meeting other folk-singers and singing songs together for a weekend. And it would be hard to beat the price … of getting fed and hanging out with nice people and singing songs together for a weekend. ~ Gary 

 —   I loved rainy camp. It was great to sing that many hours. Already looking forward to next year. ~ Stacy

 —   Midwinter- a great time to come to a special retreat to warm and sing together. The people are fun, and the workshops are varied and awesome. The Saturday evening concert is always one of the most enjoyable of all I attend throughout the whole year! ~ Judith

 —   Rainy Camp is my favorite weekend of the year. Imagine a weekend long song swap with eighty good friends. I have met more songs and music friends there than anywhere else. ~ Rob      

—   Previously, I had not attended rainy camp before and I only had a vague idea of what to expect, but when I got there I found that there was good people there to meet and talk to, and there was good food as well, so basically I had a good time and would love to come back next year ~ Jack (age 14)

—   RainyCamp always brings out a healthy and contented feeling to be among so many lovers of (folk)songs and the joy of singing them together in large and small groups. The atmosphere is congenial or better, the variety of song selection and taste and voices engenders a strong community feel and the joy of seeing old friends (sometimes for the only time all year

—  just like so many other gatherings) and meeting new ones along w/sharing my songs and picking up new ones from others makes the weekend complete. The workshops are varied and the concert/talent show is fun. I always look forward to the next one and 2015 will be no exception. ~ Percy                          

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