About Room and Bed Sign up

When you register you will be sent a link and a password to reserve your sleeping spot.

Reserving sleeping spots is on a first registered, first reserves basis so register early for the best selection! The link you receive in your registration confirmation will take you to the room reservation on SignUpGenius. You will need the password from your registration confirmation email.

You will be able to sign up for a bed and also see who your roommates are. Returning campers, if there are people you share with on a yearly basis please get a hold of them and encourage them to register right away so you can reserve spots in the same room.

Almost all the rooms have a combination of single mattress bunk beds (with ladders!) and double/queen beds. All rooms have outlets for CPAPs, charging devices, etc. We have beds for 130 people and anticipate capping registration at a bit over 100. There are rooms for snorers, men only and women only, and rooms with handicapped access.  There are no private rooms.

While not required, it is best if you create a free Signup Genius account so that you have flexibility to make changes by yourself if needed. Click on the green button in the upper right that says “Login/Join”. (SignUpGenius does not spam your email.)

If you have trouble with the SignUpGenius link: CLICK HERE to select a room If you have any questions about sleeping spot signup, the fastest way to get help is to send an email to registrar@rainycamp.org. (It goes to the entire team of elves that make RainyCamp happen.) Or you can leave a message at 425-998-6134.
Women Only:  Lundgren 1, Lundgren 2, Hilltop 5C, Lakeside 6, Lakeside 7 (6 and 7 are conjoined)

Men only:  Lundgren 7

Snorers Lundgren 6

Handicap – Lundgren 8, Hilltop 1

Lundgren Lodge

Lundgren Lodge

We will have the main and the upper floor of Lundgren Lodge.

Overlooking the lake, Lundgren Lodge is the largest of the accommodations facility. The five rooms on the top floor each have a private bath, while the remaining lodge rooms have central baths. Nearly all rooms have one full size bed along with bunk beds.

Link to Lake Retreat Facilities Page:  Lake Retreat Facilities

Features: Occupance 53; 8 Rooms; 7 Showers; Refrigerator; Coffee Bar; Piano; Fireplace; Deck

lake retreat 011-sized

The bunk beds mattresses are new, 5″ thick, and 3ft wide. They are very comfortable and welcoming to adult sized bodies. This is one of the rooms in Upper Lundgren.

Dorm rooms are filled with light during the day. This is another view of the ample headroom and ladders for the top bunks. This is Lundgren Room #1. It is a Women only.

rainy camp venues 048-sized

The camp has double and queen sized beds for couples. They are in dorm rooms with other campers so couples will be sharing the space. This is likely Room # 4 or # 5

lake retreat 016-sized

Most rooms have a private bathroom. There are also larger bathrooms in the buildings as well.

lake retreat 013-sized

Top bunks have great head room even for the tallest singer! Solid ladders make it easy to climb into the top bunks.



Hilltop Cabins

Hilltop Cabins & Kay Nor Lounge

The Hilltop Cabins are on both sides of the meeting room in the middle which is KayNor Lounge. We will likely have the digital recording studio in KayNor. Soundproofing got high marks from the first year.

The Hilltop Cabins #1-4 sleep up to four guests, each with at least one full-size bed and all including private bathrooms. Cabin #5 has been divided into three areas: A, B, and C. Cabins A & B mirror the accommodations of the other four cabins while Cabin C can sleep up to 8 guests, yet still have a private bath. Some hilltop cabins even feature a small refrigerator in the room.

Hilltop Cabin #3

Hilltop Cabin #3. The ladders are on the end of the beds.


Each room has a private bath.

Hilltop Cabin

Another Hilltop Cabin. The bathrooms do not have bars in them but other than that these are good rooms for handicap accessibility.

One more of the cabins. Sorry that we did not put the numbers on the photos we took!

One more of the cabins. Sorry that we did not put the numbers on the photos we took!

Occupancy 32 ; 7 Rooms; Private Bathrooms

Cabin 1: 2D, 2S, Bath (D=Double Bed, S=Single)
Cabin 2: 1D, 3S, Bath
Cabin 3: 2D 2S, Bath
Cabin 4: 2D, 2S, Bath
Cabin 5A: 4S, Bath
Cabin 5B: 4S, Bath
Cabin 5C: 8S, Bath

Lakeside Cabins

Lakeside Cabin Photo

This photo is from the Lake Retreat website and does not do these cabins justice.

Lakeside cabins are located on the lake and provide general bunkbed sleeping quarters. The bathrooms are centrally located, yet in a separate building. All 6 cabins, sleeping up to 10 guests, are heated and carpeted — suitable for year-around use. They are not handicapped accessible.

Lakeside Cabins Shared Bathrooms

Lakeside Cabins use a shared bathrooms. (Separate for Men & Women) Sorry we do not have a better photo!


Features: Occupancy 60 ; 6 Rooms; Public Bathrooms

Room 6 & 7: 10S, 10S
Room 8 & 9: 10S, 10S
Room 10: 1D, 9S (D=Double Bed, S=Single)
Room 11: 1D, 9S

Okerson Lodge (new to RC 2017)

Okerson lodge is 2 minute walk from the main part of the camp and has baths in all rooms except for two ont he main floor that share a common bath.

The Lodge has a beautiful meeting/concert space that accommodates 125 people and may well end up as the concert room.   The lodge has been substantially cleaned in 2016

All beds in this space are posted as lower bunk only (There are upper, not listed) This adds 60 lower beds in mostly gender specific rooms.

okersonphotob  okersonmeeting    okerson2okerson-upperokerson-main