This is the Virtual RainyCamp 2022

Camp Information

We will be conducting RainyCamp 2022 via Zoom starting Friday evening and completing Sunday Evening in the traditional Seattle Song Circle.
RainyCamp is free for 2022, we gladly accept donations.  Visit SFS main page and click the donate button then specify RainyCamp. 

Offer a workshop:   To Offer a workshop : Click Here   

Camp Registration:  You must register to receive links to attend workshops. Click Here

General Format:

The general format of RC 2022 is via one large Zoom room with breakout rooms for each workshop location.  

* Workshop offerings and timing preferences will be run through a few iterations with presenters and finalized.   Once you log into Zoom you can  move at will among the breakout rooms for various workshops.

Technical session before camp – hopefully wring out issues beforehand.  Invite hosts and help – explain roles and ask question

The cohost operates the workshop environment.  Monitors chat, puts links up including the workshop booklet.  Shares screen if appropriate.  Monitor time. Muting.  The cohost also acts as a sound spotter to advise when volume is too high or low.  They can stop the singer’s video feed to allow for better audio if needed. 

Workshop host – only handles the presentation and content of the workshop. 

Lodge Room.  This is a room where people can gather and chat.  Not a workshop.  It operates continuously during the camp 8 AM to 10 PM. 

Mini-Concerts:  If you’d like to be in one of the mini-concerts (25 minutes) , contact the committee 

Late Night Singing
Scheduled like a workshop, a host is needed for each. 

Technical Assistants:  These folks can assist those with difficulty in access, audio and more.  

Meal breaks – workshop rooms close, big room remains open.  Timing US Pacific Time centric

Final circle is just before Seattle Song Circle on Sunday

Friday Evening:

Kabbalat Shabbat

Camp will start at 5:30 PM with Kabbalabat with Fred Maslan

Song Circle:

Song Circle will start at 6PM.  We expect a number of participants from US Eastern Time  


Workshops will occur all day Saturday in several breakout rooms.

RainyCamp Concert will be starting 6:30 US PST. A signup will be sent to attendees Friday


Workshops will occur all day Sunday in several breakout rooms.

Song Circle will be starting 6:00 US PST.