2018 Workshops

Preliminary Workshop List 2018

Refinement and Schedule still in formation

Workshop Leader Title Subject
Arni Adler Harmony by Ear Harmony singing
John Alberti Songs of the Sea Maritime Music
Lynn Applegate Westward! Songs about the West
Bruce Baker Inspiration Songs of the Spirit
Fl!p Breskin Avoiding Injury (and Stagefright) Avoiding Injury (and Stagefright)
Bill Buchan Songs of Stan Rogers Songs of Stan Rogers
Susan Clark Ad Hoc Harmony Inventing harmony
Susan Clark Doo Wop Doo Wop
Bob Jackson Funny Songs Humorous Songs
Jean Leply Jacobian Songs
Laura Martin  Songs in other languages
Laura Martin  Organic Google
Fred Maslan Blow your own horn songwriter showcase
Fred Maslan Songs For the Earth global responsibility
Jeanene Pratt Folk Songs around the world International Folk Songs
Jeanene Pratt Jam Classic County / Bluegrass Jam
Rita Smith Rounds & Rounds Rounds
Rita Smith Strong Women Songs by & about strong women
Rita Smith Water Music Songs featuring water
Lisa Stiller Songs of Protest Songs of protest
Lisa Stiller Let’s sing and dance! Let’s sing and dance!
Miyuki Tanemura songs for women and about women women
Anne Tyler Cowboy songs
Terri Weiner

Rob Lopresti

 Lies Politics, religion, false love…
Alice Winship Take the Wheel Songs of the Highway
Dick Holdstock British Ballads of Political Reform 1768 to 1868