2019 Workshops

 Workshop Schedule 2019

Updated January 17th, 2019  Workshop Schedule is Final

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Workshop Leader Title Description
Alice Winship Trains Trains
Bob Jackson Songs to Tickle the Funny Bone Songs to make youlaugh
Bruce Baker Justice Songs
Bruce Baker Parting songs
Flip Breskin Ergonomics/Stagefright Ergonomics/Stagefright
Fred Maslan Bawdy Songs (Rafi)
Fred Maslan Rivers songs about Rivers
Fred Maslan Toot your own horn Songwriters circle
Fred Maslan Bawdy Songs (Rafi)
Gary Paine Peace Songs Singalong Peace Songs
John Alberti Songs of the Sea
Jonathan Betz-Zall Celebrate self-renewing life! Salmon Songs
Laura Martin Songs in other languages
Laura Martin Organic Google
Lisa Stiller Sing Protest Songs
mary garvey log driving log driving
Michael Halley Irish songs about emigration
Micki Perry Camp Songs
Rick Harlan Hootenanny, in Honor of “Keep Singing!” Pete Seeger RIP Jan. 27, 2014 5 years to the date since Pete Seeger left us to “Keep Singing!”
Rick Harlan How we got the courage to start singing and keep going. E.g. Thank you, Pete! how Pete Seeger-type heroes inspired us to “Sing Out”!
Rick Harlan Sing Like Pete Seeger Liked songs of and by Pete Seeger
Rita Smith Lullabyes Lullabyes
Rita Smith Rounds and Rounds Rounds
Robert Rodriquez Music and Tales of the Old and New West Song Circle
Robert Rodriquez Songs and stories of the bizarre, unusual and unexpected The World of Strange