Welcome to the RainyCamp Co Host guide:

Virtual 2024 camp.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Materials:  Handled individually by workshop leader

Workshop Details including descriptions and Session Assistants  can be found here

RainyCamp 2023 Participant Guide: 

Lobby Host assignments:  Click Here

HotLine – reaches several people text/voice:  425-998-6134

Template to write down people for a workshop as they arrive . 

Concert Signup Sheet: Click here:

Cohost duties:

  1. Handle muting
  2. Answer questions in chat or refer to Workshop leader
  3. Dump a zoombomber to the main room for expulsion
  4. Post lyrics or links if requested.
  5. Sound spotter (louder, softer, original sound?)
  6. Handle the order people sing if a circle (numbered or otherwise)
  7. Introduce the speaker

Co Hosts:  If for any reason the meeting ends or the Breakout Rooms are suddenly closed, we’ll fix it immediately. Wait a minute and rejoin.  NEVER click on the red CLOSE ALL ROOMS in the breakout room window.  To do so shuts the camp down and it  must then be rebuilt.