This page in construction to celebrate the life and contributions of Laura Martin of Port Townsend, WA.  Laura passed 6/6/24 in her garden.

This photo from RainyCamp 2003 at Camp Don Bosco

Gwen ElizabethOn her roof Pt TownsendSingtime

I  often stayed with my friend Renee Moe in Port Townsend, and I’d always run into Laura every time I visited the town and we’d meet at pretty much every music event and especially the free noon concerts at Fort Wordon where we would “save a place, under the tree”. Shade was a premium during the summer months. She always knew what events were happening in town, I often asked her that, when I knew I was going to be there. Helpful, kind, always good natured, I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. – Ginger Hopper

If I’d known she was going to die, I would have told her how much I loved her and admired her and appreciated her.
I looked at one little video from the first FallSong in 2000. The sound wasn’t working so I don’t know what Laura was singing, so instead I noticed how expressive her face and body language were and how fast her expression changed. Her face was a direct channel to what she was thinking and feeling, with new expressions every two seconds. I took a few screenshots and put them together if you’d like to post them on the memory page. Attached.  Best to you. Paul

I am so saddened by the news of Laura’s passing.
I have only the fondest memories of Laura. She always made me feel so at home each time I came to the Sunday Song Circle and told me hose she missed me when I didn’t show up for weeks.
I always liked hearing her wonderful stories about her brother which she told with such love.

Laura and I shared alternating parts of Phil Ochs’ “When I’m Gone” which was one of the highlights of my several years online with the Circle.

Ironically, I plan to sing this in her memory on Sunday evening.
I will definitely miss her as one of the great spirits of our Circle.
Arnie Dorin

Laura Martin and Alice Winship at Nisqually Refuge

Laura Martin and Alice Winship at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Hi, I am gutted to hear this news.

Laura was one of my pals in Gaelic as well as on various sings, and sometimes joined my monthly Learn-an-Easy-Gaelic song workshops / my monthly Sing a Gaelic song ceilidhs.  She would also be asking about exactly what the time difference was (with UK/Ireland time) and about her singing relatives in Skye. I’m really sorry we won’t be having more of those chats, as well as glad to have known Laura albeit across 5000 miles…
Linn (Phipps)

I knew Laura from the Portland and Seattle zoom folksinging groups. She was the heart and soul of both groups. She was our North Star, our guiding light, our conscious, our storyteller of the Chris stories, our songbook, my personal cheerleader for my poetry and songs chosen, our perpetual smile and giggles. I’m crying really hard right now but content I was lucky enough to cross paths with her. Her love for everyone and this beautiful world was boundless. She will be throbbingly missed in both groups. Thank you, Aleta, for being such a wonderful friend to her, and to everyone in both groups who gave love to her.
Liz Nakazawa

I cried and cried last night.  I only knew Laura since Covid and Zooms began.  I almost always saw hert at Portland and Seattle zooms, and we talked in snooze rooms and other places.  I heard about her family, I talked about my life, and we traded some songs and jokes.  I felt very close to her, and then a few months ago I travelled to the Gorge in Oregon for Singtime Frolics, and spent some time with her.  We sat next to each other in circles and at tables, and kidded each other, encouraged each other, and spoke the same words at the same time more than once; it was wonderful to have a friend that I felt I knew during that weekend.

Laura knew a thousand songs by heart (as I used to do) and her voice and accompaniment always suited the song.  She was honest and smart; like me, she talked a lot and interrupted people’s turns with questions and comments.  She was so loved!  I never heard a bad word about her in three years.

Her smile was wide and guileless; her eyes were often bright and jolly, and her messy little room was so familiar to me, as she never used backgrounds, and she always sat in the same chair.  I admire that she died in her garden and not in a bed.  Laura lived as she chose to, and fiercely loved her musical community; we shall miss her greatly.
Sadie Damascus

I met Laura many many moons ago, We walked through many prades together, From time to time she would pop in Sirens for karaoke night, I’d catch her singing in the bathroom, She was so funny, We were down on the street one day, and I pointed to a car and I said oh my gosh look at that car it’s piled high to the ceiling with junk,  She replied, That’s my car, I said oh yea! We shared a  Chuckle.. From time to time I would drive her homeTo her sweet  little paradise,  She always liked me, And there will always be a special spot in my heart for her, She was such a free spirit, And her spirit will always live on in our little town. ❤️..  May you rest in your garden of Eden Laura, dang! I shall miss you.. 😪
Yvonne Craig

Written a week later by Dharmika.  “My song a week prompt this week was to use someone’s name, so I ended up writing a  song about/for/to Laura, inspired by a story someone told Saturday night.”

From Maree Robertson:

I am from Australia, & I met Laura in 2020 in one of the many Virtual Song Circles we both attended, that sprang up because of the pandemic, & brought so many of us together who would never have met otherwise, & have continued on in worldwide communities of singing & music making, ever since.

Laura & I shared many musical proclivities & life path experiences, including both living with brain injuries, & she was my *shark bait*, ie further out in the water of being outrageously exuberant & irrepressibly compassionate & kind to everyone, even (especially) anyone grumpy.

I remember a long phone call we had after one Zoom session, when she taught me exactly how magnificent her capacity for forgiveness was.

I had planned to visit the US in 2024 that I had to postpone due to my own ill health, & I had included a non negotiable side trip to Port Townsend to visit Laura & sing with her there, we were both lookimg forward to the songs we could harmonise on together.

I am super sad she won’t be there to welcome me, if & when I do make it there, but for sure I intend to still sing songs for Laura, wherever & whenever I can, as she was for sure the MOST appreciative listener, of anyone I ever met, & that was a great blessing, for us all 💜

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