Welcome to RainyCamp 2024

Welcome RainyCamper

We open at 9 AM January 28, 2024.  This is a once day event culminating with the usual Seattle Song Circle.

RainyCamp 2023 is free, but we appreciate donations to help defray expenses and help us into our fourth decade.    The donation link is

Visit SFS main page and click the donate button then specify RainyCamp. 

Also – consider joining Seattle Folklore Society to support Folk Music in Seattle and performers around the world.  Our link is http://seafolklore.org

We are running RainyCamp 2024 via Zoom.  Please be sure you are running the latest version.

During or before camp – the most comprehensive page of information is https://rainycamp.org/guide

Camp Host:  There is one Camp Host (that is all Zoom allows) who greets people and assigns Co-Hosts according to the schedule.  The Host will be a rotating position from 9 AM to the next morning.  More details on Camp Operation will be sent over the coming days.

Zoom Link: You will get another email closer to Camp time with the link to join in.  You must have this link to attend camp.  Do not share your link.   If you have a friend who wants to join in, please ask them to register so we can keep in touch with them.  for 2024, the link is the same link as Seattle Song Circle.

Workshops:  All workshops are 90 minutes in length.  The session ends 10 minutes before closing time to allow transition to the next workshop.  Workshop Rooms will have familiar names that you find at RainyCamp.  Every Workshop Leader needs to identify a Co-Host who handles the logistics of the workshop, admission, muting and recording,  A training session will happen a week before Camp to be sure that Hosts and Co-Hosts are familiar with running Zoom.

Workshops (Final) Visit this link to plan your weekend.   RainyCamp 2024 Workshop Schedule: 

The Session Assistants and Lobby Host operate the workshop environment.  They monitor chat and provide links up including the workshop booklet.  They can allow screen share if appropriate,  monitor time and . muting.  The SA also acts as a sound spotter to advise when volume is too high or low.  They can stop the singer’s video feed to allow for better audio if needed.  If you are a volunteer, go to https://rainycamp.org/cohost

Late Night Sing Sunday   These will operate like workshops and will be topical or genre based.  They need a host and co-host.  These can be pretty organic and form on the Fly – but will be listed to help others navigate.

Private Rooms – You can join in with a small group in a private breakout – the room will be closed by the Host,  These breakout rooms are listed separately in breakouts.  They can simply be used for chatting with a fellow camper.

Volunteers Needed:    We especially need help with camp operations including:

Workshop scheduling and communications
Zoom technical wizards for a tech team
Recording and post production
Hosts:  shifts in the main room.  You need to be very comfortable with Zoom and preferably have two computers, or a main one and a tablet.

Co-Hosts for workshops and concerts.

Contact:  Registrar@rainycamp.org