2020 Music

RainyCamp 2020 Workshop Music

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Day Time Location Leader Title
Sat 9AM Maple Linda Allen Songs of the Suffragists
Sat 9AM Lundgren Fred Maslan Weather
Sat 9AM Maple Michael Hanson Science and Technology songs
Sat 10AM Fireside Meryle Korn And Now for Something Completely Different!
Sat 10AM Alder Laura Martin Organic Google
Sat 10AM Maple Lisa Stiller Protest Songs
Sat 11AM Lundgren Bill Buchan Songs about commercial fishing
Sat 11AM Maple Jonathan Betz-zall songs of the current social crises
Sat 11AM Fireside Diana Herbst Encore the singing Game
Sat 1PM Chapel Flip Breskin Ergonomics & More
Sat 1pm Alder Micki Perry Songs of Bill Staines
Sat 1:30 PM Lundgren Golda Simon Songs of Malvina Reynolds
Sat 1:30 PM Maple Teresa Gagné Songs of the Travelling Life
Sat 2:30 PM Lundgren John Alberti Songs of the Seas
Sat 3PM Maple Tim Jenkins Songs of the Cowboys
Sat 3PM Maple Laura martin Songs in other languages
Sat 4PM Lundgren Bruce Baker Songs of the Seasons
Sat 4PM Alder Kristin Kinnamon Rounds
Sun 9AM Lundgren Bruce Baker Tribute to Silent Voices
Sun 9AM Maple Mallory Jordan Murder ballads and prison songs
Sun 10:00 AM Fireside Alisa Newhall Finding and Loving your Voice
Sun 10:30 AM Chapel Rick Harlan Songs Living On: Pete Seeger Centennial
Sun 10AM Lundgren Micki Perry Camp Campfire songs
Sun 11AM Alder Fred Maslan toot your own horn

Bruce Baker’s Parting Songbook used in the final sing click here