Workshop schedule 2015-v3We will have a tentative workshop list and schedule for RainyCamp 2015 soon. Here is a table of most of the workshops that have been suggested.

Leader Title Subject (Description)
Alice Winship Fowl Play & Other Bad Yolks Chicken Songs
Alice Winship Songs of the Northwest Songs of the Northwest
Betsy Wellings Creative Commons and Other Options for Sharing Copyrighted Music Creative Commons and Other Options
Betsy Wellings Songs in Spanish Songs in Spanish
Bob Jackson Beginning Banjo Banjo
David Baum Instant Harmony Harmony singing
David Baum Voice Lab Harmony singing
Dick Hamlet Australian Songs Australian Songs
Fl!p Breskin Alternating Bass Fingerstyle Fingerstyle Guitar Arranging
Fl!p Breskin Speed Folksongs with Zeke
Fred Maslan Rivers Rivers
Fred Maslan Toot your own Horn song writers
Gary Paine Peace Songs Peace Songs
Jeanene Pratt (still working on that) quodlibets, canticles, countermelodies, etc.
Jeanene Pratt Folk Songs Around The World International Folk Songs
John Alberti Chanties & Forebitters Work Songs of the Sea
John Alberti Tragedy at Sea Maritime Disasters
Kent Mesford Elements of Successful Parody Songs Elements of successful parody songs
Mariide Widmann Everly Brothers – In Remembrance Everly Brothers
Mary Penttinen-King Broadway/show tunes Broadway/show tunes
Meryle Korn The Plight of the Soldier The Plight of the Soldier
Micki Perry Camp songs Camp songs
Miyuki Tanemura Friendship and Love Friendship and Love
Rick Harlan Attention On Singing: what does your voice want to do? Singing itself!
Rick Harlan Singing Like Pete Seeger Liked To Pete Seeger
Rick Harlan What’s Earth Got To Do With It? — singing like life depends on it Climate responses
Rob Folsom Great Chorus Songs Great Chorus Songs
Rob Lopresti Songs of Guilt & Blame Songs of Guilt and Blame
Sophie Morse Songs of the Spirit Songs of the Spirit
Sophie Morse Work Songs of the Land Work Songs of the Land
Teresa Gagne Peace Soup Peace/Anti-war Songs
Teresa Gagne The Boatie Row Songs about Boats
Viv Ilo Veith Parody Share-ody Parodies
Viv Ilo Veith Songwriters in the Round Songwriters Sharing

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